Our services

Our services are built around the specific context and needs of each client, but we have a number of off-the-shelf sessions that we can use as a starting point. Get in touch if you want to talk about how we can help you.

Research and engagement

Our research allows you to step back and see your programme, service, strategy or policy from different points of view. We are multi-disciplinary researchers and engagement practitioners who use mixed methods. Our practice is based in principles of equity and participation.

Critical friendship and support

We help individuals and teams apply equity-centred principles, frameworks and theories to plan actions that help them shift and navigate systems.

We offer critical friendship, learning partnership and support to professionals who want to do more inclusive, equitable and co-productive work. These services are suitable for individuals and teams working in a broad range of research, engagement, design and technology roles.

Workshop design and facilitation

We make space for the conversations that need to happen. We help people have meetings, workshops and gatherings that are purposeful, generative, and offer everyone the opportunity to participate.

Our workshops are designed to support the different ways people think, process information, and work with others. Our facilitation styles are inspired by tabletop games, emergent strategy, anti-oppressive facilitation and collective decision making methods.

Our services
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