We make space for the conversations that need to happen with meetings, workshops and gatherings that are purposeful, generative, and offer everyone the opportunity to participate.

 Our workshops are designed to support the different ways people think, process information, and work with others. Our facilitation styles are inspired by tabletop games, emergent strategy, and collective decision making methods.

Our workshop designs and facilitation services are particularly useful for:

  • Policymakers: You want to better understand or visualise the complex systems you are working in, and you want to explore the impact of a potential policy intervention.
  • Researchers: You want to use research methods that elicit experiences in playful, fun, and non-intrusive ways, and you want to communicate the findings of your work to a wider audience.
  • Leaders and managers: You want to build a team that has strong relationships with each other, or you want to create a strategy with lots of organisational buy-in through the use of playful engagement and participation methods.
  • Facilitators, coaches, and relational practitioners: You want to learn methods of creatively working with your clients and collaborators that encourage them to explore new possibilities, focused on building connections and positive experiences.

Read our case studies to find out more about how we work and our previous facilitation projects.


Our day rate is £800

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