Critical friendship

We offer critical friendship and support for professionals who want to do more inclusive, equitable and co-productive work. These services are suitable for individuals and teams working in a broad range of research, engagement, design and technology roles. As facilitators, we can help you find insights through dialogue, asking you questions to help you reflect deeply on your professional practice, while validating, affirming, challenging, encouraging and caring for you as a professional. As experienced practitioners, we can help you build your practice by finding practical applications for various equity-centred theories and frameworks.

Our services are particularly useful for:

  • Working in solidarity: You want to apply and uphold principles of inclusivity, equity and meaningful engagement, and you want to disturb potentially harmful patterns in your work.
  • Continuous professional development: If online courses or classroom based training don’t quite meet your needs for reflective practice and critical thinking, or how you process information.
  • Consultancy: You want to ethically integrate participatory methods, widen inclusion or develop mindsets for co-design into your research, engagement or design work.  
  • Evidencing skills: If you have set development workplace goals with a line manager, you want to round out your CV, or you are developing into user research or service design from other professions. 

Our services are not training, therapy, counselling, career advice or project collaborations. Read our case studies to find out more about how we work and our previous critical friendship projects.

Book a 30 minute curiosity call to find out how we can help you.


Support for individuals who want one-to-one support to develop their practice in equity-centred approaches. Sessions are 1.5 hours each for a minimum of 4 sessions and time will be needed between sessions for reflection and practical application. 

A 4-session block will cost:

  • £835.20, including VAT for a person paying their own way
  • £1656.00, including VAT for organisations paying for someone

Support for teams who want one-off, half-day session with critical friends to give feedback on research plans, engagement plans, workshop designs or similar activities. 

  • A half-day consultation plus write up is £759.60, including VAT
  • Contact us to discuss longer consultation sessions or learning partnerships

Book a 30 minute curiosity call to find out how we can help you.

Critical friendship
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